Anna Costa Medium Psychic Spiritualist




“I have always been very sceptical about clairvoyants! However, Anna never ceases to amaze me. She told me I was going to move house, which was not on the agenda at all as I was very happy where I was! An opportunity came along and within 2 weeks I had moved into a beautiful new house which was totally unexpected”

MARIA PELAEZ, Television Presenter


“I was at a stage in my life when I had children on different continents and really needed some answers. Anna gave me answers and advice and I am pleased to say my daughter and son are both now at university and through Anna’s guidance I was able to steer them in the right direction.”

CAROL PARDINI, Business Woman


“Anna Pearson is without doubt the most amazing person that I have ever met. Her psychic skills are on a level very rarely attained.  An absolutely unforgettable experience.”

STEVE CLINE, Entertainment Manager RT.V.


“Anna has a true gift! She can help you to overcome any doubts you may have concerning your future and what it holds for you. Anna is known both in the UK and Spain for her most warming and caring attitude towards her clients.”

LIZ RODRIGUEZ, Media and Promotions specialist


“Anna was so spot on, I was very impressed!”

ANITA, The Beauty Magazine


“Anna showed me how to turn my life around after 35 years of marriage ended. She gave me the strength to realise my self worth. Since our meeting I have managed to launch my own company both here and in UK, much to the surprise of my family. Thank you Anna.”

SUSAN, Company Director