Anna Costa Medium Psychic Spiritualist

Anna's Platform Work

Welcome to Platform Work, with this type of work you may well be totally amazed with and you will almost certainly be tickled because humour is the one thing Anna can guarantee. Having experienced the mischievous and joking spirit, which sometimes come through.


The unique thing about this kind of work is that Anna is in front of many different types of people both believers and sceptics and she is totally unaware before hand of who or how many spirits will be trying to deliver a message through her to the members of the audience.

Positive energy and love is the most important vibration the audience can give off, as this enables spirit to come through a lot easier than if there is too much negative energy.


There are almost no rules about what may happen at the event, be it during the day or in the evening, but there are certain realities we need to acknowledge. Time and numbers do not permit everyone in the audience to receive a "message". Whether you do or do not, we hope very much that you will enjoy the experience.


Making links between these spirits and the individuals with whom they have come to communicate is the tricky bit. This can start with "clues" in the form of dates, names, events or just a reference to something totally personal to you, normally it is a combination of two or more of these.


Anna knows only too well how reluctant some people are to raise their hands, but she asks everyone at the beginning even if you are not quite sure if it relates to you, just raise your hand.  She can qualify the links to see if it is really you.  It wont take her long to know whether or not it is you, but if you don't raise your hand You will never know if it was you the spirit was trying to communicate with!"