Anna Costa Medium Psychic Spiritualist



Meditation is part of my daily routine and I would like to introduce you to my method of achieving this truly relaxed state.

Some people try to do the exercise when lying down on a bed. There is no objection to this approach but the association of bed, sleep and relaxation may make you actually fall asleep.


You may find that the feeling associated with complete relaxation will be heaviness.  This is caused by a complete loss of muscle tension. The final phase of relaxation is to ensure that your abdomen is totally relaxed. Your breathing at this stage should be slow and steady, just as it is when you are asleep. You should now have achieved a completely meditative state.

Most people are aware of how beneficial meditation can be if you embrace it as part of your daily life. It allows a depth of relaxation, which cannot be experienced by just sitting around doing nothing, watching the television or reading a book.  But like most things of benefit, there is a discipline to be observed before success can be achieved and a little practise may be necessary.


To bring yourself out of this meditative state you must consciously increase your breathing and gently flex your fingers and hands. Enjoy the feeling of stretching each and every part of your body. Slowly count to ten, open your eyes and stand up. Do not jump up out of the chair and rush about – take your time.


The enjoyable feelings of relaxation will most certainly help you recover from the stresses of the day.